What We Do

What We DoThe Kinterra Group is Waxhaw’s premier building services company, providing:

  • custom home building and addition construction;
  • home repair, replacement and maintenance services;
  • property management and Realty services.

We have a wide array of options to connect you to your perfect place, no matter where you are starting from.  And we specialize in affordable solutions.

We provide a broad range of services and home consulting to help you, including:

  • in-depth assessment of your needs,
  • lifestyle planning,
  • multi-generational living planning,
  • disability and special requirements planning.

We seek to understand your needs and desires and then develop a custom solution to meet those needs, whether:

  • building a new custom home,
  • remodeling or building an addition on your current home,
  • finding an existing home that meets your needs or that can be adapted to your needs, or
  • helping you with your home maintenance repairs.

The Kinterra Group offers specialized knowledge for custom solutions.  This may include planning for:

  • caring for several generations under one roof,
  • residing in and maintain your home as you grow older,
  • creative and affordable alternatives for your families varied lives.

By sharing services, we are able to provide you, our customer, with exceptional service across our family of companies.  No need to call many different companies.  We can meet your entire home and real estate needs with just one call, providing a seamless experience for you.

If you seek a home consultant who will partner in your plans and meet all of your housing needs, Kinterra Group has the widest array of assistance to help you.

Finally, Kinterra Group partners with Kinterra Strategies to minister to developing communities locally and worldwide, sharing the expertise and resources of the Kinterra companies, growing and coaching developing businesses in these communities.  This connection helps give the Kinterra team a broader and more creative focus, benefiting you as we seek to understand your needs and how best to meet them.