Who We Are

Board of Directors and officers of Kinterra Strategies

Craig Miller is a Director and President of Kinterra Strategies.  Craig is owner of the Kinterra Group, a family of companies working in partnership with Kinterra Strategies to improve the lives of under privileged people.  He has over 25 years of experience in custom home building, land development and property management.  He is a businessman who is active in his local church and in several other Christian and community organizations. Craig spent four years of his childhood living in Ecuador.  He is dedicated to serving Jesus through business and in all areas of ministry.  His business experience, his community leadership, and his vision and passion to help lift people out of poverty are real assets he brings to the leadership of Kinterra Strategies.

Rex Trogdon is a Director and Secretary of Kinterra Strategies. He was commended to full-time ministry in 1983 and served ten years in Zaire, Africa (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Rex also travels in itinerant and conference ministry in North America, Africa, the Caribbean, and has led study tours to Israel. He is a contributor to Choice Gleanings and Uplook Magazine.  Rex serves as one of the elders of Believers Bible Chapel in south Charlotte where he is involved in pastoral and teaching ministry. He is well connected with business people and ministries, bringing to Kinterra Strategies a great and varied background to provide vision and guidance to the ministry.

Sue VanderMey is a Director and Treasurer of Kinterra Strategies.  She is a Christian businesswoman with 3 years experience teaching in secondary education, 18 years working with IBM in Education and Management, 4 years with Boeing in Sales and Management and 18 years in the non-profit sector with Wycliffe Bible Translators managing Education, Finance and Personnel including seven years overseas in Germany and Russia.  Her background in business and her work in the non-profit world give her a great background to serve with Kinterra Strategies.  She also brings an extensive network of connections with people that may be interested in participating in the work of Kinterra Strategies as volunteers and donors.

Dennis Steenwyk is a Director and Chairman of the Board of Kinterra Strategies.  Dennis has over ten years experience as a partner and general manager of a large electrical contracting firm in Florida and has additional business experience in retail, real estate and agriculture.  Dennis also has over 25 years experience serving in various senior leadership roles with JAARS, an international non-profit organization, where he was instrumental in developing two new initiatives and advancing several others.  Dennis also has been an entrepreneur and leader in small business and has served as a business consultant both in the US and internationally.  He brings a broad background and a wealth of experience to Kinterra Strategies.