What We Do

The purpose of Kinterra Strategies is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by carrying out the Biblical principles of caring for all people throughout the world.  We do this by using funds and business expertise provided by the Kinterra Group and other donors and interested business people to assist individuals in starting and/or operating businesses that will provide jobs and alleviate poverty in targeted, economically disadvantaged communities in the Charlotte area and around the world.

The owners and directors of these businesses will be encouraged to use their business as a ministry platform to communicate the Hope of Jesus Christ to others through their involvement in people’s lives, through the creation of jobs, and through using business profits to fund ministry and civic activities that will alleviate poverty in their communities.

There is a tremendous need in developing communities for business expertise and training.  The cycle of poverty will ultimately not be broken through aid money, but through economic development generated by business development.  Kinterra Strategies is a key advocate and facilitator for such development.

Whether helping locally in inner-city ministry, or helping internationally, our efforts will include the same mission of business and life skills coaching, providing consistency in our efforts.

We are also available to do seminars in churches and other interested organizations on how business and Christianity are congruent, in order to help others to refocus their businesses toward Kingdom impact.

We provide start-up funding and business consulting. From initial business planning, through ongoing mentoring and coaching for existing businesses, the goal of Kinterra Strategies is to maximize the potential for success of these businesses.

Kinterra Strategies is funded through a combination of grants and support from Kinterra Group, individuals, churches, and partner organizations that share this vision.

We believe that the world is in desperate need of the kind of help Kinterra Strategies is poised to give. By God’s grace, we can make a difference.