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About Us

Kinterra Strategies is a non-profit ministry associated with the Kinterra Group.  Its vision is to convey the whole gospel to the whole person through business development.  Its goal is to share the expertise and resources of the Kinterra family of companies to help developing communities locally and worldwide through growing and coaching developing businesses, and through this help, sharing the love of Christ to all.  Kinterra Strategies also serves as a model for others who want to use their business in a similar manner.  Kinterra Strategies encourages business people to become involved in using their business expertise to help and encourage these developing communities by sharing their knowledge with entrepreneurs in these communities, helping them be successful and profitable, creating jobs, and positively impacting their community.

Kinterra Strategies also facilitates the organization of religious meetings and provides Christian educational services to its clients.

Kinterra Strategies is led by a team of business and professional people from varied backgrounds and with broad expertise in the areas of business and ministry.  Kinterra Strategies is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.