About Us

Kinterra is a family of companies providing exceptional customer service to South Charlotte, Weddington, Waxhaw, and Lancaster area home owners, with a broader vision to positively impact the world.

The name Kinterra is derived from “kin” for family and “terra” for earth. We believe that family is important and we are dedicated to helping your family find the right solutions for your housing needs.  We also believe that having a global perspective is important in all we do.

The Kinterra family of companies provides you with an extraordinary customer experience by working together to maximize effectiveness and better meet all the needs of you, the homeowner.  Whether purchasing land and building your custom home, purchasing a new or existing home, remodeling or repairing your existing or newly purchased home or managing your rental property, we are here to help you.

The Kinterra Group is the parent company for:

  • Kinterra Builders, offering exceptional custom home building experience for those desiring a custom home or desiring an addition to their existing home.
  • Kinterra Home Solutions, providing home improvement, repair, replacement and maintenance services for homeowners.
  • Kinterra Realty, a boutique real estate firm offering inclusive home purchase consulting services.

The Kinterra Group is also a ministry partner with Kinterra Strategies, providing a global impact by helping new and growing businesses in developing communities locally and internationally, and through this business development, relieving poverty in these communities.  As our customer, you can participate in that ministry as well, if you so choose.